Film Review – The Goddess Of Fortune

The Goddess Of Fortune (M)

Directed by: Ferzan Ozpetek

Starring: Stefano Accorsi, Edoardo Leo, Jasmine Trinca

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Review by: Julian Wright

The open relationship between Arturo (Stefano Accorsi) and Alessandro (Edoardo Leo) has been an intimacy free zone for quite some time but it is finally creating tension between the pair.

Just as Arturo’s jealousy comes to the surface, the couple’s longtime friend Annamaria (Jasmine Trinca) asks them to look after her two young children while she spends time in the hospital.

The child-free couple’s lifestyle is upended as they welcome the new guests, tackle for the first time child rearing and adjust to new morning routines.

The situation puts an even greater strain on the relationship and it may not be the healthiest environment for the two youngsters, so they seek out their rich but estranged Grandmother to take over – but that could prove to be an even more toxic environment for the children.

True feelings are revealed and deep, dark secrets finally come to light that test the relationship and family dynamic.

This bittersweet Italian delight explores the idea of what makes a family – whether it is family we choose or family we are stuck with – with a fresh, queer lens.

It openly and frankly discusses open gay relationships, normalising it in a way that so few mainstream or queer films have done in the past, and yet for every progressive step forward, there is one slight step backwards.

The two male lead performances, while both solid and endearing, lack any queer characteristics. They are alarmingly straight presenting. If we weren’t constantly reminded that they are gay, there would be no way to pick it.

Regardless, The Goddess Of Fortune is a joyful and heartbreaking journey to go on as these two men learn more about themselves and each other.

The Goddess Of Fortune screens as part of the St Ali. Italian Film Festival 2020 which runs in Perth from October 1 – October 14.

For more information, click here.

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