Film Review – Baby Done

Baby Done (M)

Directed by: Curtis Vowell

Starring: Rose Matafeo, Matthew Lewis

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Review by: Julian Wright

Life is fairly cruisy for 20-something Zoe (Rose Matafeo): she’s got a secure job that she loves and has a loving, long-term boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis).

When Zoe discovers she is several months into an unplanned pregnancy, Tim is thrilled with the news and is happy to settle down like so many of their coupled friends, but Zoe hits panic mode.

Having a baby will spell the end of flexibility and spontaneity and she realises that she hasn’t lived her life to the fullest yet so she proceeds to rush through a checklist of adventures before her due date.

Zoe’s determination to qualify for and compete in a tree climbing competition overseas causes the greatest rift between the otherwise perfect couple.

Baby Done is a charming, relatable and often hilarious comedy/drama with a touch of farce about coming to terms with change and how people handle life altering events differently.

The two leads Matafeo and Lewis just ooze likability and appeal and their chemistry with each other is among the most enjoyable you will find on the big screen; they are such delightful company to spend about 90 minutes with and you care about their journey and what happens to them.

While Baby Done keeps its characters, their predicament and actions mostly grounded in reality, there are a couple of heightened moments for comedic effect, but suggesting an arborist’s job is adventurous is its biggest leap.

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