Film Review – Marry Me

Marry Me (M)

Directed by: Kat Coiro

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Maluma

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Review by: Julian Wright

Movie and music star Jennifer Lopez (or J.Lo) plays a fairly close version of herself as an unlucky in love superstar who is always looking for “the one” while under an enormous spotlight.

Global megastar singers Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma) are about to get married, but in true superstar fashion, plan to exchange vows at a sold out concert, streamed to 20 million people while promoting their new hit single together “Marry Me”. Who said romance was dead?

As Kat takes the stage in her wedding dress, she discovers footage of Bastian kissing another woman – but instead of letting her fans down by cancelling the proceedings she chooses nerdy school teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) out of the crowd to join her in the ceremony.

The two plan to play out the PR stunt for a couple of weeks, but eventually begin to enjoy each others company more and more.

Jennifer Lopez attempts to ground this over the top, pure fairy floss fantasy by playing a character that is basically a facsimile of herself – a pop star with several marriages under belt, giving it another go under the public eye, facing all the judgement that comes with it.

In fact the timing of the release of this film all ties in quite nicely with her recent reunion with Ben Affleck, their former relationship having already played out in the tabloids in the early 2000s.

If only Marry Me was interested into exploring the fine line between relationships and PR when it comes to megastars. While openly acknowledging it, the film is adverse to doing anything with it other than play it purely for cute feels and entertainment value without any real sense of wit.

On an entertainment level, it does deliver. The ingredients are there :attractive lead, cast chemistry, catchy soundtrack thanks to Lopez and enough laughs to make the almost two hour runtime bearable.

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