Film Review – How To Please A Woman

How To Please A Woman (M)

Directed by: Renee Webster

Starring: Sally Phillips, Alexander England, Erik Thomson

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Review by: Julian Wright

Hollywood would have you believe otherwise, but middle aged women are actually vibrant, sexual creatures who deserve as many orgasms as men – and thank goodness that How To Please A Woman is here to shout it from the rooftops.

When 50-something office worker in a sexless marriage Gina (Sally Phillips) is let go from her job, she takes the opportunity to put her underappreciated business skills to use and tap into an untapped market – male house-cleaners/strippers/escorts for women.

A huge hit with her swimming club friends, word soon gets out and her client list continues to grow, but as it does, Gina realises that while she is putting everyone else’s sexual needs first, she is neglecting her own.

This fresh and hilarious comedy is as enjoyably fluffy as Calendar Girls but also as surprisingly candid about female sexuality as Sex in the City, as it delves into what gets women hot and bothered, from a full on flesh sesh or even just a chiseled guy doing your house work half naked.

How To Please…gives women with all kinds of preferences and fantasies a voice and the cherry on top is that this is also incredibly sexy and at times downright erotic.

Full of wit, insight and uncomfortable truths (mostly for men), How To Please… is an absolute joy and unabashed celebration of women of all shapes, ages, experiences and backgrounds.

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